The ultimate ICD-10 app.


Over 69,000 diagnosis codes in your pocket.

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The complete medical coding assistant.

Quickly search color-coded ICD-10 & ICD-9 diagnosis codes all in one app.

Easy search at your fingertips.

Find the diagnoses you want by title, keyword or specific code.

No guessing or confusing screens.

A clean design instantly displays clean and organized matching terms.

The ICD-10 app that remembers.

ICD X is the app that goes with you - and brings everything you need.

Keep a list of your favorite codes.

Use ICD X to help manage the much larger quantity and specifity of ICD-10 codes.

Remember recently viewed codes.

ICD X automatically keeps track of your activity, so you can review your history whenever you want.

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Simply beautiful.

The best designed ICD-10 and ICD-9 reference app available.

Clearly see diagnosis code detail.

Large fonts and bold colors ensure reading code details is easy and simple.

Simple & clear interface.

ICD X is intentionally streamlined to provide the cleanest experience possible.


Code reference without distractions or confusion

No ads, no gimmicks – we believe in quality and simplicity.

Designed exclusively for iOS

Built from the ground up to work on the powerful iOS 12 platform.